More About Me


Over the last few years, this has been a challenging market for you! But recently there's been some relief; Seattle area housing inventory is up and prices are softer than this time last year (see for full details). This makes it a great time to be a buyer since the greater Seattle area is expected to continue growing, both in terms of its economy and its population. 

Interest rates remain at historic lows and with a strong local economy, home values will continue to be reliable. So despite the competitive market, this continues to be a fantastic time to purchase a home.

If you’re in the market to purchase, here’s a critical consideration that will make all the difference: the agent whose name appears on the ‘For Sale’ sign or on an internet posting is the listing agent and they DO NOT represent the best interests of the buyer – they represent the seller's interests! Now, you might agree to have that same agent represent both you and the seller (dual agency is perfectly legal, as long as it’s disclosed) but why would you? Every buyer is entitled to their own private, professional representation.

Buyers, please be wise and put yourself in control: choose an agent who will serve YOUR interests first. Too many buyers wander internet listings and open houses and then haphazardly connect with a random agent. There’s a better way! Let’s visit to discuss your needs, goals and questions; let me share the details of my approach to buyer agency. Then, when you're ready, put me to work for you.


Lower housing inventory and steady buyer demand yields a market that favors sellers, and that's still where we are right now. If you've been thinking about selling but weren't sure if the conditions were right, this might be a good time to reconsider.

While these favorable conditions offer advantages for sellers, it's still so important to prepare yourself and your home for the current market. Housing is in demand but buyers are savvy and overpriced/under-prepared homes are being passed over. In market conditions like these, every detail counts; that's why it's perhaps more important than ever to hire the right agent for the job. After all, in the sale of real estate, there are few second chances or do-overs. And the consequences for inattention or inexperience can be very costly.

It's true: there are many choices when it comes to real estate brokerage services. Some claim low prices or rebates, others tout top service. All of them make high claims of success. Whatever the case, it's so important to approach this process as you would when hiring any contractor: interview candidates and ask for references. Then make a decision based on facts and your own intuition. Remember: this is a person that you'll work with for several weeks - perhaps several months. So make sure you take confidence in that person's competency and that you generally like them. Because you'll be communicating...a lot.

If you'd like to chat a bit about my service to sellers, by all means give me a call or send me an email. I'd be happy to visit with you - no obligation, no strings. Thanks!


Customer surveys make it clear: generally, people don't care very much about claims of success, lists of designations, how long someone's been in the business, this brand/that brand or slick marketing. People care about authenticity, their personal client experience, conscientious service, solutions to problems and the bottom line (also called value).

Here's my commitment: The core of my business is serving my clients with experience (I know what I'm doing and when I'm not sure, I bring in experts who do), integrity (say what I do and do what I say) and skill (doing it well). I have to do it this way because I have a long-term approach to my vocation. The truth is, I want to represent you through not just one purchase or sale; I want to so impress and satisfy you that I become your go-to person whenever you or someone you know has a real estate need.

I happily provide references and I’m pleased to compete for your business so please invite me to interview for the job. Thanks!


I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario; I studied Philosophy at the University of Ottawa and earned a BA in Communications from Trinity Western University in Langley, BC. My career history is primarily in marketing: I worked in student recruiting for my alma mater and I went on to work for Fisher Broadcasting’s National Sales office here in Seattle. My wife and I later worked for a ski season in the French/Swiss Alps then travelled western Europe for about 4 months in a '79 VW camper. These days, my wife is a full-time mom, we live in the Maple Leaf neighborhood and we have two daughters and two sons. I've been working full-time in Seattle real estate since 2002.